What is Social Media Optimization (SMO) and Why it is Important?


“Promoting a website, brand, product or service on social networking sites organically is called social media optimization.” Social media optimization is an easy way to promote any business in a very short time.  

The purpose of social media optimization is to make your business reach the maximum number of people on social media platforms. If you want to popularize your website, brand, product or service and have heavy traffic on it, then social media optimization can play an important role.

Social Media is a medium through which people and societies communicate with each other, bring their information, their ideas, their messages, images, videos and many things to each other. Social media is an electronic communication between people and communities.

Although there are thousands of social media channels in the world but YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Quora and Pinterest are some of the well-known social media. Which you can use to optimize your website, brand, product or service.

Advantages of Social Media Optimization

Today, most of the businesses consider social media to be a great platform for branding and traffic and every business invests in it. Social media optimization creates a network by connecting all your social media accounts and converting your respective customers towards your business site with the help of that network.

There are many benefits of social media optimization, here I explain some of the main advantages.

  1. Visibility – Increases visibility of your website or business and helps to increase brand awareness.
  2. Relevant Users – You will easily find relevant users in social media because social networking sites perform according to the user’s interest.
  3. Traffic – You can get fast traffic through social media. It takes too much time to build traffic through SEO but social media plays an important role and helps in increasing traffic.
  4. Helps in SEO – You get no follow backlinks through social media. As you know backlinks play an important role in ranking any website or blog. Do follow backlinks and no follow backlinks both are important for SEO.  

How to Optimize Social Media for Your Website or Business?

If you have a business, then social media optimization is essential for you because it is the easiest way to promote your business in a short period of time. You can also target local audiences through social media optimization and locally you can promote your business.

There are many social networking sites that we use but YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Quora and Pinterest are some of the well-known social media platforms where you can do social media optimization of your website and business.  

YouTube :

YouTube is the second largest social media platforms in the world with billions of users and about 5 billion videos are watched every day on YouTube. It’s a very good medium to optimize your website and business. You must deliver unique content that attracts viewers and converts them into customer.

Through YouTube you can increase your brand awareness and business. You can create a YouTube channel with your website, business or brand name and upload video content on it. With this you can bring good traffic to your website.

Facebook :

Facebook is a huge social network, has around 2 billion monthly active users and is growing by 16% every year. You can use Facebook to promote your website, business or services and generate maximum traffic. Through this you can convert your website, business or service into a brand.

Here you have to create a profile, page or group and put content related to your website or business. You can post videos, images etc. If you are constantly in touch with your audience, then the reach of your post will be more and you will be able to engage more and more people.

Instagram :

Instagram is a social networking service owned by Facebook, here you can share photos and videos. It has around 1 billion monthly active users.

You have to build your profile on it and create a business page and then you can share content and generate traffic for your business.


Twitter is mostly used by professionals and people associated with politics. It has over 330 million users. Twitter is a platform where you can make yourself bigger in less word.

You can use Twitter to increase your brand awareness. This will attract professional and give you valuable traffic and positive result.  

LinkedIn :

LinkedIn is the strong social network platform for professionals. It’s the best platform for all those who want to share their professional profile for career, jobs and business with the world. Maximum companies have profiles on LinkedIn and their employees also have profiles on LinkedIn. Through which they are connected to each other.

Here you have to create your account, create a professional profile and share content related to your website or business. People in the same category will reach your brand. They will interact with your brand which brings quality traffic to your website or business.

Quora :

Quora is a question and answer website. It’s a platform where you can ask any question and also answer a question asked by someone else. It is a very popular Q & A website, today its Alexa rank is 242 worldwide and 44 in India. This is a big deal in itself.

Quora is a high authority site and has 300 million monthly active users. Which helps you to get direct traffic. If you have a website or business and want to promote it online, want regular visitors, huge traffic, then Quora will help you to get traffic.

Pinterest :

Pinterest has more than 290 million users. The way we post on Facebook, in same way we put pin on the pinterest. Here you have to create your account and generate pin related to your content. The more attractive your pin is, the higher your followers and you will get more traffic.  

You can stay in direct contact with your audience through social networking sites. The more you stay in touch with your audience, your engagement with them will increase and when this thing is tracked by search engines, your website ranking also increases.

Apart from this, there are many social media platforms that you can use to generate huge and unlimited traffic for your website and business. Through social networking sites, you can target specific region, specific city, specific state and even specific country.

To stay connected with the user, you need to share your business information on social networking sites, so that a positive feeling is created in the user’s mind towards your business.

I hope you liked this post. If you have any questions, you can comment. I will always try my best to reply to you.

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