What Is Google Ads? How to Use Google Ads to promote Business?


“Google Ads is a paid advertising platform developed by Google, where you can promote your business based on keywords.” The entire system of Google ads works on keywords. If you use the best keywords in your ads, your ad will appear at the top of Google search and the user will be able to find it easily.

Google Ads are known by the name of Google AdWords even today, but now it’s not Google AdWords. In the year 2018, there were several modifications in Google AdWords, there was also an amendment in its name, in which Google AdWords was changed to Google Ads. If someone says Google AdWords, that’s its old name, now it’s Google ads.  

Whenever you read a Blog or Website, you must have seen lots of advertisements. Most of the advertisements are shown by Google Ads. With the help of Google Ads, any merchant can market their products. It’s a paid service for which you have to pay money to Google. Google shows these ads well on websites and blog so that you can reach your business and your product to your target audience.

When a user searches for something on Google, Google displays a list of searches in front of them. If you look carefully you will find that the results of the top and bottom are usually ads.

But how Google decides which ads to show?

Basically the mechanism of ad serving is decided through the Google auction. But money is not everything on Google ads platform. The primary purpose of Google ads is to show relevant information to users. It is not that if you spend more money, then your ads will appear on the top. Auctions are definitely a factor but if there is nothing in your ads, your content is not effective, the landing page is not relevant, then it is impossible to keep your ads at the top of Google search by investing money.

Ad Ranking Factors

Only the money does not decide the position of the ads, it does not decide even with more biding amount. It is important to note that the Google auction revolve around four things – 1) keyword, 2) Quality Score, 3) Auction/Bidding & 4) Ad Rank. Based on these factors, each ad is ranked.

google ad rank factors

Keyword: The entire system of Google ads works on keywords. Relevant keywords are an important factor in ad ranking.

Quality Score: Quality Score helps us in calculating an ad rank, due to which Google calculates the ad rank and then gives some position to our ads. “In simple language, you get a Quality Score based on the relevance of the keyword and the landing page.” By clicking on the keyword on which we advertise, when the user visits our website or landing page, the keyword on which our ad was ranked, is this the same on our landing page? Is the keyword the same meaning relevant? This determines your Quality Score. Quality Score can help bring down the cost of your advertising budget.

Auction/Bidding: The maximum amount you are willing to pay. This means that how much money you can pay cost per click or per thousand impressions?

Ad Rank: Based on the keyword, quality score and auction/ bid, you receive an Ad Rank. This means that these factors are decide where will your ad appear in the Google search engine results page.

Types of Ads

With Google Ads, you can run many types of ads such as Search Ads, Display Ads, Shopping Ads, Video Ads, App Ads and Smart Ads etc.  

Search Ads:

When users search for something on Google, usually the top 4 results and the bottom 3 results are always sponsored by Google ads. For example, if I type digital marketing courses in Pune on Google, then the top 4 results we see are Google sponsored search ads and the rest are organic search ads.

Snapshots of search ads are given below, so that you will easily understand what search ads are exactly.

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Search Ads

Display Ads:

We can create display ads through the Google ads platform. When we read a post on Google or watch a video on YouTube, we see an advertisement on the page or below the video which is a display ad. Display ads only appear on Google’s partner sites. This means that those who have received approval from AdSense, you will see advertisements on those websites and these ads can also be seen on YouTube, apps and mobile apps.

Shopping Ads:

Shopping ads appear only on Google search. If you are a retailer, then this campaign type can prove to be very important for you. Shopping ads can be a good option if you have to sell a specific product and boost its sales.

Video Ads:

Video ads are designed to increase reach and awareness at a rapid pace. In this type of ads, videos of advertisers appear on YouTube and Google’s partner websites.When you watch YouTube, video ads can appear before the video starts, in the middle of the video and also at the end of the video. In some formats you can skip that video and in some formats it does not allow to skip.

App Ads:

This campaign helps businesses grow with mobile app. So advertisers can promote it on search, display, play store and YouTube. App ads is a basic and easy to implement ads, its main purpose is to increase the number of installation of the app.

Smart Ads:

Smart ads that automatically design ads based on the product or service and the target that is being targeted. But this will not give you good results which you can get especially on designing ads. Smart ads may work to some extent but are not recommended.

So now you know what Google ads are and what types of ads are available to run.

Process to set a budget for your campaign

Based on your advertising goals, with Google ads you can choose a daily budget for each campaign and you can also change your budget at any time. Generally, there are two types of budget delivery methods – 1) Standard and 2) Accelerated.

Standard: Spend your budget equally within the decided time. But sometimes a standard campaign doubles our set budget. So while set the budget, you should manage it in half or 70% compared to your fixed budget.

Accelerated: Accelerated campaign costs your budget more quickly. This type of campaign is commonly used to promote discounts or offers.

What is Keyword?

Keyword is a way of finding user intent. Whenever a user wants to know about a product or service, the word they use and search for is called keyword.

Like I said in the beginning that Google Ads is a paid advertising platform and you can advertising your product or service based on keywords. Keyword plays an important role in Google ads.

How to Search Effective Keywords?

Google Keyword Planner is an important tool. For this, you have to click on the search icon from inside Google ads and type Keyword Planner. Here you get the option to find new keywords and to forecasts the search volume of the keywords. Apart from this Google tool, there are many more free tools available; using which you can do keyword research. You have to search on Google, free keyword research tool and you will get a list of many keyword research tools, you can try them.

Keyword Match Types

Generally you can use four types of keywords for advertisement on Google Ads – 1) Exact Match, 2) Phrase Match 3) Broad Match and 4) Broad Match Modifier.

1. Exact Match:

Ads can show on searches that match the exact word or are variations of the exact word. It’s usually specified with brackets.

For Example: [Boys Toys]

By using the Exact Match type keywords, you will see ads only with your exact match keyword or its close variant.

For example, if your exact match keyword is “Boy’s Toys” then your ads will appear only with “Boy’s Toys” or “Boy’s Toy” and will not appear with “New Boy’s Toys”.

In Exact Match keywords you will get less impressions and clicks but your conversion rate will be higher because the ads will be visible only to those people who are searching for your exact keywords.

2. Phrase Match:

Ads can show on searches that match the phrase. It is usually specified with quotation marks.

For Example: “Boys Toys”

Phrase keywords match shows your ads with only those ads terms when the word is used in front of or behind the keyword or there are close variants of your keyword. There will be no word between the words of your keywords and their order will also be the same.

For example, if your Phrase match keyword is “Boy’s Toys” then your ad will appear on the “Latest Boy’s Toys” search term but your ad will not appear on “Boy’s Latest Toys”.

3. Broad Match:

If you use broad match keywords, chances are that your ads will still appear to users even when they type in synonyms, misspellings and other relevant variations. In broad match type, don’t give any special symbols, i.e. don’t put anything in front and behind it.

For Example: Boys Toys

Even if a searches for boy T-shirt or Girls’ toys, your ad will appear because a word matched. This type of keyword match type will give you a lot of impressions and clicks because your ad is visible to more people but with it the conversion rate decreases.

4. Broad Match Modifier:

If you put a + sign in front of the keywords and if the keyword is present in the user’s search query in any order, your ad will be visible to them.

For Example: + Boys Toys

When using the broad match modifier, your ad will appear only with the search term in which all the keywords in your keyword are available.

For example, if someone searches for boys cool toys or boys games toys then your ads will appear. Means the broad match modifier may contain another search term between your keyword terms.

All these keyword match types have their own advantages and disadvantages. Now you may be wondering what keyword type we can use for our advertising campaign. My answer is that you can choose the keyword type based on your business type, location, budget and risk appetite.

I hope you liked this post. If you have any questions, you can comment. I will always try my best to reply to you.

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