Instagram Marketing: How to do Instagram Marketing?


Instagram is a social networking app where you can promote your business, products, services, websites etc. You can easily market your business through Instagram marketing. Instagram is the best platform for B2C business. B2C means business to consumer. 

Instagram is one of the most popular social networking platforms after Facebook today. Instagram has over 500 million daily active users. About 90% of the users on Instagram are young and under the age of 35 years. Instagram is a relevant platform through which you can easily target youth.

What is Instagram?

Instagram is a social networking app through which you can share photos and videos from your mobile. In other words, Instagram is a photo and video sharing mobile app platform.

Hashtags (#) are used extensively on Instagram. It is used before the relevant keyword because the hashtag helps to increase the reach of your post.

How to Create an Instagram Account?

As you know, Instagram is a social networking mobile app platform and most of Instagram’s features are mobile friendly. If we want to use it on a desktop or laptop then it becomes quite complicated. But in future I will definitely tell you how to use Instagram on desktop or laptop easily. For now we will look at the mobile version.

If you still haven’t created an account on Instagram, create an account. Creating an account on Instagram is easy. To use it, you have to go to play store / app store and install the Instagram app and open it. The first time you open Instagram, you have to create your account. You can register through your email or Facebook id. In this way you can create your account on Instagram. You can create an individual or business account.

Here we will see how you can convert a normal account into a business account. To create a business account, you need to go to Settings. After going into Settings, click on Switch to Business Account and then click on the continue button.

Here you have to select your business category and then click on next. Connect your Facebook page. Then enter your email id and contact number. Your business page has been created, now click on go to profile. If you wish, you can edit your profile from edit profile.

When you create a profile, you have to put your profile picture. If you have an individual account, put your picture and if you have a business account then put your company logo.

After the profile picture, the instagram bio (description) is an important section, here you have to describe yourself or about your business in the 150 character limit. You have to tell people why you created this account and why they joined you? Here you need to express more information about yourself or your business in less word.

Why Instagram Marketing?

Your objective can be anything. If you are an individual you can focus on getting more followers or becoming an influencer. But if you are a business and you are looking for more customers, then Instagram is a best branding platform and as well as you can easily acquire customers from Instagram.

The best part about Instagram is the high engagement with visual content and because of the visual content more users are increasing day by day. You do not need to read the text, rather you can only look at the images and the videos. 

Instagram’s video ad is priced much lower than other advertising platforms. Instagram’s engagement with brands is 10 times higher than Facebook’s and because people like visual content, they prefer to stay on Instagram more.

Instagram is a platform where you can easily promote local business. The targeting options are great on Instagram, you can target your audience based on their interest, activities, location, age and gender.

How to run ads on Instagram?

In today’s date, the platform which will have more audience, your business will grow rapidly in that platform. Instagram is a good platform for b2c business. It is also a good option to promote a local business.

Before running a campaign on Instagram, you should submit some post on instagram related to that category. So that when you promote on Instagram and users reach your profile, they can also see those products.

You need to create a post to run Instagram ads. You should use the hashtag while creating a post. In the hashtag you can add any keyword, location, brand name, latest trend etc. Next you have to select location. In this way, you have to create a post.

On opening that post, you will see promote option below it, you have to click on it. You will see three objectives – 1) Get More Profile Visits, 2) Get More Website Visits and 3) Reach People Near an Address. 

Instagram Campaign Objectives:

Get More Profile Visits:

If you want huge traffic to your post, and want to increase its reach, then on that condition you can choose “Get More Profile Visits”.

Get More Website Visits:

If you want to divert your traffic to a website or blog, you can choose “Get more website visits”

Reach People Near an Address:

If you have a shop, business and want to target a particular area, in that case you can choose “Reach people near an address”.

Now you have to choose the location, select category-wise interests, then you have to choose age and gender according to your campaign. Now finally click on add a payment method and select billing country.

Then you will see the option of credit or debit card, by clicking on it you have to add a payment. As soon as your payment is completed, it will be verified by Instagram and goes live.

Instagram Marketing Tips:

Instagram is an incredibly amazing platform for brands and entrepreneurs. You can use Instagram as a marketing tool and generate thousands of potential customers every single month.

Set Your Goal:

It’s going to guide all of your efforts and make the outcome much more fruitful. Your goal should be clear, it may be to grow followers, get traffic to your website, build up your email list and make sales of your product or service. Decide what’s important for you and act accordingly.

Identify Your Target Market:

Knowing which your target market is one of the most important elements of any business. Until you identify your target market, the effort that you put in your content, captions, hashtags will all be wasted. Instagram can be a very time consuming platform, so we should make sure that everything we do has purpose.

Create Content:

Every photo you take and the caption you write must be effective and have the ability to attract your audience. It should provide value and a solution to your target audience. So that the target audience takes the next step in your funnel.

You can encourage them to click on the link in your bio to check out your website, blog or latest offering or ask them to send you a DM or email, so you can chat with them one-on-one. These actions are very powerful for building trust in your audience towards your brand or services.

Creating this type of content specifically for your target audience and encouraging them to take action that really matters. In this way you can increase customer engagement rate. Instagram Story and Instagram feed is also an important factor of customer engagement.

I hope you liked this post. If you have any questions, you can comment. I will always try my best to reply to you. 

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