What is Content Marketing? How Content Marketing Builds Your Business?


Content is the present and future of digital marketing. A very important topic is content marketing in the digital marketing world. Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach. It’s not a clerical task. Many people do not understand it’s important. So today we will discuss here what is content marketing? How many types of content are there? And importance of content marketing.

What is Content Marketing?

“Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach in which our main focus is to create and distribute the valuable content to attract and convert prospects into customers.”  In oneline marketing or sharing your business, your event, your organization through content is called content marketing. And with this you can gain more customers for your business. There is no better strategy than content marketing to retain the existing customer. Your content should be relevant and consistent.

Content marketing helps companies to create brand loyalty and gives important information to the customer, creates a desire in the customer to buy products or services of companies in the future. It does not create demand for customers rather their needs are met by giving them the necessary information through content.

Now let us discuss some of the types of content marketing. Types of Content:

1. Infographics

2. Web pages

3. Text or Books

4. Videos

1. Infographics:

Info means information and graphic means graphical method. So presenting information with graphical method is info graphic. It has two advantages, the first advantage is that it becomes very easy to learn to understand information with images and second Advantage’s infographic is very beneficial in increasing our sales.

2. Web Pages:

There is a lot of difference between a normal web page and a content marketing web page. If you write your webpage correctly and seo optimize it then it will be good for you because more customers will be attracted to your website.  It ranks very easily which is good for your brand or businesses.

3. Text or Books:

You can promote your business through books and magazines and make people aware of it.

4. Videos:

Video is more effective than text. When customers see your products in videos and gain the information, then they are more attracted and with it the value of your brand increases.

We have learned what content marketing is and how we can do it. But the biggest question that arises is why content marketing is important? If we don’t do content marketing, won’t our business be promoted?

Whatever service or product we are selling it’s not necessary that the prospects will directly buy it. The customer goes through some series of steps before availing his or her end product or service; he or she does research, understand the product and then takes some decision. These are the series of steps which are called buying cycle.   

So, to understand this, first we have to understand the four steps of the buying cycle.

buying cycle


Awareness is the first step of the buying cycle. If we are not able to make people aware of our product or business, then how will people know about our products and where they will buy? So first of all, we have to make the people aware of our business or product.


Second step is research. Whenever a customer has to buy a product or customer has an interest in a product, they are starts doing research on the Internet. Starts to see and understand the features and price of the products, without research no customer buy any product. So if you do not display your products through the content on the Internet, then how will the customer be able to reach on your product and buy it?


Third step is consideration. Whenever a customer researches about a product then they are compares the product with different vendors. So that he/she can get the quality product at the right price.


The final step is purchase. Finally the customer makes his/her mindset and conducts transactions to purchase the product.

Content marketing is a very important point in buying cycle. In this buying cycle, we have to show different content in every step. It is very important to identify where your buyer is in the buying cycle. We need to understand that the same type of content is not for everyone. Different content is used for each step or phase.

So if you want to use content marketing very well, then you should know all these basic concepts. But one thing that always needs to be kept in mind is that the user will be attracted to you only when he/she finds something useful or he/she will get something for their benefit. So the kind of content you are using, Is it useful to the user? Is it attractive to the user? Is the user getting any benefit from this or not? We should take care all these things.

What is the end object of content marketing? And Why Content Marketing is necessary for businesses?

Increased Sales: To generate maximum sales, because our end objective is to earn maximum profit.

Cost Savings: In cost saving, we do not focus too much on PPC. If our content marketing strategy is solid, then we can bring very good organic traffic to our website. There are so many sources like blog, social media marketing, videos, podcast, email, webinar etc. where you can put your content and bring organic traffic from there to your website or landing page and further you can convert them. It doesn’t take much investment whereas on other marketing inputs like PPC, it will cost a lot of money. If you market with PPC module on any platform, then you have to pay. So a lot of cost saving is done through content marketing strategies.

Better customer who have more loyalty: Unless your existing customers are loyal to you and do not recommend to others, your growth is not exponentially possible. All the big brands have recommendation marketing is very high and their loyal customer base is also high. There is a big focus of companies or businesses that they retain their loyal customers.

Today content marketing has become a very powerful module for marketers. There is a lot of purpose for which companies use content marketing. A lot of online platforms have also grown through content marketing. I have explained you the concept of content marketing in a very simple way. Hope you liked this post.

If you have any questions, you can comment. I will always try my best to reply to you.

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