What is Pinterest? and How to use Pinterest for Business?


Pinterest is a social bookmarking site that helps you to bring your ideas and creativity to the world. It is a platform where you can share your visual content such as images, GIFs & short videos. On Pinterest, you can market your business through infographics.

It is a list of ideas for people looking for inspiration. With Pinterest you can grow your business, increase fan following and reach your website to millions of people. Pinterest is a gold mine for generating high quality traffic. Here you can create backlinks for your website through images and generate huge traffic for your website.

How to create an account on Pinterest?

To use it, you have to create your account on Pinterest. To create an account on this platform, type “Pinterest” in the browser and click on the first link. From here you can create a personal account and a business account.

Process to Create a Pinterest Business Account:

Click on “Create a Business Account” to create an account. You can register through your Email, Google account or Facebook id. Choose one of these and click on the “Create Account” button. Next page will open in that you have to choose language and country and click on the “Next” button.  

Then you have to give a name to your business profile and select business type and click on the “Next” button. You are then asked to link your website, in which you have to write the URL of your website. On the next page you are asked to connect your other social account, but it is up to you whether you want to connect another account or not. If you want to add, you can click on the claim button.

On the next page, you have to choose whether you want to run ads on Pinterest or not. You will get three options, choose one of them. Then in the next page you have to choose at least one topic that will explain your business well and click on the “Done” button. In this way your business account will be created.

Process to Create a Pinterest Personal Account:

For individual accounts you can register through your Email, Google account or Facebook id. Select one of these and click on the continue button.

Next you have to put your full name, age, gender and click on the sign up button. Then you have to choose 5 topics according to your interest and click on the done button. In this way your personal account will be created on Pinterest.

Pinterest Homepage:

As soon as you come to the Pinterest’s homepage, you will see the board, which you selected according to your interest at the time of account creation. This is related to the board you have chosen according to your interest.

On the homepage of Pinterest you will find a lot of pins. Images in Pinterest are called pins. These pictures are uploaded by various Pinterest users.

On the right side of the homepage you have to click on the avatar where your profile picture is going to appear and then click on the pen icon to make all necessary changes. Let’s make the change of profile picture. Click on change & choose photo. Also you have to add your profile credentials and description. In this way you have to create an account on Pinterest.

How to Use Pinterest?

In Pinterest you will find ideas and research of various fields. It’s one of the best social media platforms. Here you will find many images and videos, from which you can take the idea to do any of your work. If you like an image in Pinterest, you can save that image but first of all, you have to create a board.

In this, you have to make a board, if you have a company and you provide many services, then you can create several boards for it so that you can upload images related to that specific service.

Process to Create a Pinterest Board:

On the right side of the home page of Pinterest, you will see the “+” symbol, by clicking on it you can create a board and name it. Board means a kind of category in which you save the same type of images. Basically it’s a collection of pins. Like if you have made a board named animal, then obviously it will contain images of animals and if you make a board named flower, then it will have pictures of flowers.

On Pinterest, you can create a board and pin visual content. You can pin any images, GIFs and short videos. So that visitors can see it, like it and share it. If you want to upload any images, you can upload by clicking on add a pin. By uploading multiple pictures to Pinterest, you can attract users and also you can use hashtag in it. Leverage rich pins, rich pins are the pins that are contain extra information on itself.

On Pinterest, if you like someone else’s images, you can also pin that image which is called repin. Repin is similar to sharing on Facebook or a retweet on Twitter. To repin any image, you have to click on the save button, then you have to create a board or select one relevant board from the existing boards.

On the homepage of Pinterest you will see a search bar from where you can search for anything according to your interest and you will see related searches, which you can also view by using filters.

On clicking any pin, you will see three dots in the right side at the top of the pin. Clicking on this three dots button, you will see many options. From there you can copy the link, download the image, follow or unfollow any topic, you can send any pin, hide the pin and report against any pin.

Pinterest Strategy to Promote Business:

  1. Create Pins
  2. Join Group Boards
  3. Use compelling, high-quality and high-resolution infographics.
  4. Optimize Your Account and Pins
  5. Pin Consistently
  6. Encourage Others to Pin Your Content from Your Website
  7. Track your traffic on Google Analytics

By following these steps, you can expand the amount of traffic solely focused on your website.

It is important to remember one thing that as long as the user gets what they want, they will remain with you. So always give them immense amount of value. So that they stay with you and your business can grow.  

I hope you liked this post. If you have any questions, you can comment. I will always try my best to reply to you.

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