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How to Start a Blog? And How Blogs Can Change Your Life?

A blog is an online open book that everyone can read. The person who writes the blog is called Blogger and blog writing is called blogging. Many people misunderstand blogging. Blogging is not just for earning money, even if you do not earn anything from it, it will still be called blogging.

Blogging is a platform where you can share your suggestion, experience and knowledge with others. If you want to share your thoughts, ideas & experiences with the world, you can do it through a blog.

First of all, let me tell you that if you are thinking of getting into blogging then never come with the intention of earning. Always think that you have knowledge and you are sharing it with the world and gradually if you do hard work, do smart work, then earning will start automatically.

Because blogging is tough. You have to work very efficiently. Have to be patient. Never enter blogging with the intention of earning otherwise your career will be ruined and you will lose your job too.

There is no doubt blogging is one of the most profitable industries in India to be successful and rich. Do you know how a blog can change your entire career? If you are a businessman, you can boost your business through a blog. It’s also the best and better way to do online Digital Marketing.  

What is a Blog? And How to Start a Blog?

“The blog is an online news, article and information repository website where a new post or information appears in reverse chronological order”. This is a platform where writers share their opinion on any subject in which they are skilled. Whatever domain or URL you open on an internet browser, it is either a website or a blog. Google, Facebook and Flipkart all are websites.

Basically there are 3 types of websites. It is just a website, or a blog, or website plus blog. The difference between a blog and a website is that you update your blog on a regular basis, means you keep regularly posting on blog. Whereas once the website is published, there is no need to post new ones in it.

Usually the blog has 4 main parts.

main four parts of blog

The first part is “Header” where you have your logo and navigation menu, second main “Content Part (body)” where your content and comments appear, third is “Side Bar” where you can add widgets such as recent post, social media icons etc. and the fourth is “Footer” where you can add a second navigation menu such as homepage, about you, contact us etc. usually if you go to any page or post of your blog, then only the content part changes, the header, side bar and footer are not change. Hope you have understood what a blog is.

How to start a blog?

To start a blog we need three things first domain, second hosting and third blogging platform. Domain means your website name such as,, etc. The domain name minimum is of two parts, the name of your choice and the second domain extension. In the first part you can choose your website name or topics or you can use any brand name. The second part is domain extensions such as .com, .in,, .org, .info etc.

Hosting is required to make the website live after purchasing the domain. Hosting is of many types such as Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting, Cloud Hosting and Dedicated Hosting. Cloud hosting and dedicated hosting are very expensive. When you start your new blog, share hosting is enough. Shared hosting price ranging between 5 to 7 thousand for a year.

If you want to create a blog, you need a blogging platform. There are many blogging platforms in the internet such as Blogger, WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Wix and Many More. I will suggest you WordPress for blogging because it’s the most popular and the best platform.  Almost 85 to 90% of blogs on the Internet use WordPress. WordPress is the simplest and best way to create websites and blogs.

WordPress is an open source content management system. Open source means anyone can use WordPress for free and can easily make changes in it. Content management system means a tool that manages the most important things on your website such as content, without any coding and programming knowledge. Due to the continuous development of WordPress and the contribution of thousands of themes and blogging developers, today any kind of websites can be created using WordPress, without any coding and programming knowledge.

Process to Buy Domain and Hosting

Earlier you had to buy domain, hosting and install the website on it, but today there are many hosting companies that sell direct WordPress hosting. WordPress and worlds popular Bloggers recommend GoDaddy because it’s the best and reliable hosting company.

But this does not mean that the other hosting provider is bad. You can also use other hosting providers. I took GoDaddy ‘s example here. So let’s see how to set up a blog with GoDaddy. First of all, you have to type godaddy in the browser and click on the first link. You will reach on home page after clicking on the link.

Then click on the Get Started button. On the next page you have to choose the hosting plan. Here you will find 4 types of hosting plans. Many types of plans are available. You can choose one of these; Starter, Economy, Deluxe or Ultimate according to your budget. There is some limitation in “Starter plan” here I will recommend you “Economy”. As soon as you select an Economy plan, the next page open in which you have to choose the domain.

After Decided Domain Name

After decided or enter domain name click on next button. Here you have to create your account on the next page. Now you have to pay, here as your payment will be done, on the next page you will get the message of success. As soon as you get the message of payment success, after that you have to click on the create account in which you have to enter a strong password. After that click on go to login. Next page will open.

Now you have to create a blog here. In which you have to decide your site name, tagline and goal. Then click on continue to theme selection. On the next page you have to choose a theme for your blog. After that you can go directly to your WordPress dashboard from here.

You will get a verification email in which you have to click on the link to activate the domain. Next time, whenever you go to your WordPress, you have to type wp-admin behind domain name such as Then you have to enter your WordPress email address or username and password, in this way you will be logging every time.

How to Earn From Blog?

You can link blog posts to AdSense. AdSense will show ads on your blog and the more ads that come to your blog, the more you will benefit. There is some eligibility for AdSense approval, which you must fulfil.

Some of the major points that I would like to highlight here. The first thing is that your age should be 18 years. Secondly, for AdSense approval, a minimum of 7 to 8 articles have to be posted and each article should be 1000 words or above.

In this way you can create and post a blog. Only good and quality post will benefit you. Keep in mind one thing before starting a blog, you have to decide your strategy what kind of blog you want to create. If you keep your strategy right then your blog is definitely going to be hit.

A small tip I would like to give from my side is that if you are thinking of getting into blogging then never think about overnight success, do hard work, as well as smart work and you will get success hundred percent.