What is Email Marketing and Why Email Marketing is Important?


Email marketing is an important part of online marketing. “Email marketing is a process by which you target your audience and generate conversion or business through email.” Email marketing is the sending of any commercial message in a whole group or to target customer. In email marketing, we collect emails of our target customers or audiences and send them emails.

“Sending email to inform someone about your products and services is called email marketing.” Permission base email marketing is one of the most famous and successful in today’s era. When you ask people if you want to subscribe on email, then its response is more. Permission base email marketing means helping people, teaching them something, in these emails you do not sell your product or service, but rather help them, it increases your respect and when you try to sell something, they buy because they respect you, they believe on you.

There are many types of email marketing. Here are some of the main types – Newsletter Email, Drip Marketing Email, Transactional Email, Direct Email etc.  

Newsletter Email:

A newsletter is like a magazine that you send to your subscribers every day, every week or every month. In which you can send about the latest trends, blogs, festivals, special new offers etc.  

Drip Marketing Email:

Drip Marketing is a method where you send emails to your audience on the basis of their behaviour. For example, if you open your first email, you will receive a second email. If you do not open it, a reminder will come, basically you send a series of emails to people and as soon as people open the email, you give them a score, that score defines how loyal the person in front is or how interesting they are in your content. Drip marketing emails is used in automation. Where email chains are sent one by one through machines. Everything gets personalized and automated.  

Transactional Email:

Whenever you visit a blog, e-commerce websites you see an email subscription options in it and whenever you fill your email id, after that you get post updates, new offers, exciting deals etc. from them, it is called transactional E-mail.

Direct Email:

Whenever you want to buy a products or service, you go to any service websites or e-commerce websites and you create your account, for which you have to submit your email, name, contact number and only after that You can buy their products. You have to do all these processes to buy their product or service. After that a lot of emails are sent to your email id which is related to promotions, price update and new offers which is called direct email.

Email marketing has many objectives such as promoting a company or products, building a brand, reaching offer updates, generating traffic and leads and more.

How to start Email Marketing?

You should have an email marketing list in which you must have a lot of email addresses so that you can send emails to your target customers. If you do not have an email marketing list or the email id of your target customers, then you can get the email id from your blog or websites. If you are the owner of a blog or website, then you can put the button of email subscription, in this way you can create a list for email marketing.

Another way you can buy your target customer email id list, there are many companies that sell email marketing data. After receiving the email marketing list, you have to choose a service provider. There are many service providers for email marketing that serve you to run email marketing campaigns.

For example, we take Mailchimp here because Mailchimp is an email marketing service provider where you can do email marketing for free in the beginning. Mailchimp allows us to use 1500 emails for free. You can then use their or any other service provider’s paid service. After that you have to sign up into “mailchimp” which is very easy.

You will see the home page of Mailchimp. Click on the sign up button and enter your basic details. After signing up you have to select email template.

Then whatever is your message, whatever you want to send to your target customers, which you have to write in the template. After that, you have to submit the list of email id that you have, then emails are sent by Mailchimp in one click on all email ids in your list.

Use and advantages of Email Marketing:

With email marketing, you can increase customer relationships, sale promotion, new offers and company updates to your target customers. Email marketing allows the company to send product information via email to customers.

Along with this, complete deals and offers of the products are also made available and it also has a link that provides easy buying information to the customers. With email marketing, you can create conversion and lead for your business. You can reach millions of customers in just one click. Email marketing is the cheapest way to grow your business. It’s very effective and easy way for digital marketing.

Email marketing is a part of digital marketing that you can use to grow your business easily. I have explained about email marketing here, you can easily grow your business using this tool.

I hope you liked this post. If you have any questions, you can comment. I will always try my best to reply to you.

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