What is App Marketing? How to Promote Your App and Increase Downloads?


After creating an app, it is important to promote that app. Promotion means reaching the app to the maximum number of people. Let people know that this app also exists and should try it out.

What is App Marketing?

“Creating an app on the Internet to reach people and promote your product or service on it, is called App Marketing.” Digital marketing is a very good option because nowadays a large number of people use apps in their smart phones, so anyone can advertise in various apps to reach their business to thousands of people.

How to Promote Your App and Increase Downloads?

Mobile apps are an easy way for businesses to build direct and quick connection with consumers. After creating the app, how you promote, it is important. Made the app, put it in the play store but how to get download, how to get the installation done, how to reach your app to the user? There are many ways to promote an app – 1) Free Method, 2) Paid Method, 3) Trends Target, 4) Create Content, 5) App Graphics & 6) ASO (App Store Optimization).

Free Method:

Free method is your social network. For this, you can join the large groups on Facebook. Large group means a group that consisting of thousand and millions of members. After joining, you have to paste the link of your app with description in the group so that people know what the app is about. Your app must have sharing options. This is a very effective way; you can increase the installation number. Use this trick in every social group. You may not get results initially, but you will get results gradually.

Paid Method:

In paid method you can use Google ads platform to run app ads campaign. It’s a common method but you have to pay for it. This campaign helps to increase the number of installation of the app. You can also get the app installed using the paid advertising platform on Facebook and people who review the app on YouTube, by paying some money, you can promote your app on their channel. You can also increase app installation through the review website.

Target Trends:

Market your app according to the trend. Create content according to the festival that is going on and always try to use that trend to promote your app.

Create Content:

Content should be related to your ad. You can create content that describes the feature of the app. Whatever field your app belongs to, please make the user feel that this app is an important tool for them. You can easily do it through social media and blogs. You need to identify where your user is; accordingly you have to target them and create content.

App Graphics:

An attractive graphics is most important to increase app installation. Always keep in mind that the user first sees the graphics and then think about the app installation. There are very few people who read the description. App installation or conversion depends on the graphics of your app. So keep your graphics attractive. You must make the app’s icon and screen shot unique.


There are a lot of apps in the play store, maybe the app you have created already exists in the play store, so you have to create your app’s icon and banners in a professional way that should be eye catching. First of all you have to see what kind of your user is and then you have to design the app accordingly.

ASO (App Store Optimization):

App Store Optimization just like SEO. This includes searching for keywords, which keywords are searched more, which keywords have more competition and which keywords have less competition? According to that you have to set the title, description and long description of your app. Which is related to your app because doing so increases the priority of your app. So pay attention to the relevancy of the keyword. Competition has increased a lot so it is necessary to do App Store Optimization.

App Publish Platform:

Apart from the play store, there are many other platforms where we can publish our app. Such as Apk Mirror, Amazon App Store, Getjar App Store, Mobango App Store, SlideME, Appszoom, Aptoide etc.

Self-awareness is the most important thing in apps marketing. There are many ways but the most important factor is you should know what type of app is your and where is your target audience? These were some tips and tricks that I follow and suggest that you follow too. Keep your strategy right then your app is definitely going to be famous.

I hope you liked this post. If you have any questions, you can comment. I will always try my best to reply to you.

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