What is Online Reputation Management (ORM)? The Ultimate Guide for Social Media Marketers and Business Entrepreneurs.


Enhancing, improving and managing your reputation online is called online reputation management. Online reputation management helps you improve the good standing of your business and brand. In today’s world, everything is transparent. Online reputation management can make any brand popular overnight and even destroy it. It not only tells people about your business, but also tells what other people or your customers or your users think about you. It may be mentions on any platform, whether it mentions on a blog, on photo tag, on different pages of your website or in any public status.

The scenario of what your user thinks about your business, products or services is called online reputation management. Google Search, Social Media and Review come under online reputations presence.

What is Online Reputation Management-[ORM]?

“Continuously monitoring how your business is maintaining an online presence and improving in it when needed is called online reputation management.”

Where Can You Get Information About Online Presence?

It becomes mandatory for us to maintain reputations to keep our brand and business running well. If the reputation is not maintained, then our sales will down and the value of our business will also decrease day by day. We have to keep in mind that online presence should works positively for us. To understand all of these closely, you have to understand the type of online presence i.e. 1) Google Search, 2) Social Media, 3) Review and 4) Forum.

Google Search:

If you have a business and want to see your online reputation, you can Google in the name of the business, in the name of the company owner, and in the name of the products or services.  When you search in Google, you have to see whether you are in the top 5 lists or not, have you registered in Google My Business and if you have done it then the information on it is correct. If something is wrong, it has to be corrected.

Social Media:

Social media is the best platform to get your ideal and local users. How will we evaluate ourselves in social media so that we can understand our online reputation and improve it if there is something lacking in it. On social media such as on Facebook page how many followers you have? How many likes? What is the frequency of your posting? Do you reply to the comments and if you respond then what is the average time? Does your post content represent your brand? You can check all these factors which will help in knowing your online reputation.


If anybody wants to buy any products or services they will read all the reviews. Many people give their reviews on the Google and on Social media; it may be positive or negative. People usually read negative reviews but the most important thing is how you respond that negative review because most of the customers change their mind after reading bad reviews. So online reputation management involves how you handle them.


Review is very important which makes your brand popular. All review sites and especially Google reviews should be viewed and if you have any reviews, must be reply to them immediately. If you have positive reviews, you can say thank you and if there are negative reviews, you can know about their problem, if there is any problem then you have to solve it because review is the biggest way to build your reputation.


A lot of people ask questions on the forum platform. Forum is a platform where users refer your business, your service and your brand to other people if they satisfy with your service. Where you can also answer people’s questions. Which spreads awareness among people and helps to increase your online presence.

There are some customers who will talk to you directly and give business because they already know about you but there are 70% customers who will check up your online reputation, reviews and read your users feedback on various platforms and then give business. Therefore, you need to increase the online feedback and reviews that you are getting. Satisfying the client and getting a good review from them enhances your online reputation.

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